Final Fantasy 16 Is on Sale for $49.99

Here’s some good news for Final Fantasy XVI holdouts: the game is on sale for $49.99 right now. That’s a fun little $20 discount on this PS5 exclusive, which also happens to be an excellent game (see our 9/10 Final Fantasy XVI review for details). You can grab it from your retailer of choice below.

Final Fantasy XVI Deal

Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI is the latest mainline game in the stalwart JRPG series that’s been tirelessly representing the genre since its debut in 1987. As is typical for new, numbered Final Fantasies, it keeps the Cids and Chocobos but throws out much of what came before in favor of a whole lot of new things. For one, combat this time around is more akin to character action games like Bayonetta and Devil May Cry. It also features a darker, more adult story (a la Game of Thrones) than previous entries. In other words, prepare for swears and sex scenes.

From our review: “Featuring fast, reflex driven, action heavy combat, Final Fantasy 16 is certainly a departure from what fans may expect out of a Final Fantasy game, but its excellent story, characters, and world building are right up there with the best the series has to offer, and the innovative Active Time Lore feature should set a new standard for how lengthy, story-heavy games keep players invested in its world.”

There’s certainly no shortage of games to play these days, but saving $20 off an excellent recent title is always better than paying full price. Grab this one on sale if you’ve had your eye on it but missed out on it at release.

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