New Limited Edition PS5 Plate Replacement Look Even Better Than Sony’s Official Spider-Man Plates

If you’re a fan of Spider-Man and are extremely bummed that you were unable to secure one of those limited-edition PS5 faceplates, fear not. For Dbrand has a (third-party) solution for you: its new Arachnoplates.

As a quick refresher, at San Diego Comic-Con this past July, PlayStation unveiled a new PS5 with a DualSense controller and faceplates themed after the iconic web-slinger, as shown in the image below. Unfortunately, the console, along with the standalone SKUs for the controller and especially the faceplates, sold out rather quickly.

Now, remember this image before you see Dbrand's faceplates. | Image Credit: PlayStation
Now, remember this image before you see Dbrand’s faceplates. | Image Credit: PlayStation

As the name implies, Dbrand’s latest PS5 faceplates are spider-themed. The Arachanoplates are black with a red design that also takes up a good chunk of the design. If you really want to go all out, Dbrand even made a middle skin to put on the front center of the PS5, along with red light strips. Those two things will cost you extra, though, retailing for $11.95 each.

As shown in the gallery below, the Arachnoplates have a lot more going on design-wise, with almost a comic-book-esque feel to them. A closer examination shows spider webs contrasting with a black goo that is more than likely based on the alien species, the symbiote.

Subjectively, I like these face plates a lot more than the ones PlayStation created. Whereas the officially-licensed face plates feel a bit bland and generic, the Arachanoplates do a good job conveying the conflict that will surely be posed in Insomniac’s upcoming game Spider-Man 2.

This is not the first time Dbrand has made themed skins off officially licensed and limited edition products. The company has previously made skins for the Nintendo Switch, more specifically skins based on Animal Crossing: New Horizons and, more recently, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, both of which received limited-edition-themed Nintendo Switch consoles.

Dbrand is also the same company that decided to make its own faceplates to add some more customization to your PS5. Legal threat aside, Dbrand went on to make its own faceplates by removing the signature collar look that is noticeable with the official PS5 faceplates. Eventually, PlayStation would go on to make its own officially licensed faceplates, but you have plenty of options on this end.

Dbrand’s Arachnoplates are available now on its official website for $64.98 with options available for both digital and disc editions of the PS5.

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