Starfield PSA: You Should Mainline the Main Quests to Get to This Cool Thing

While playing through Starfield’s 19 Main Missions you’ll unlock some cool things, but one set of very cool things is a game changer. We will spoil it below for those who are OK with that sort of thing, but suffice it to say: We highly recommend playing through a specific amount of the Main Missions to unlock a very cool thing that you’ll want to use in the remaining Main Missions, Side Missions, faction quests, and basically every opportunity — and it’s something that, if you get it early, it gets even better the more you play.

This tip is so good. For real. We wish someone would have told us this before we started playing.

<em>Space guns are cool... But is there something more?</em>
Space guns are cool… But is there something more?

Which Main Missions to Mainline

Intrigued? OK, here’s the spoiler free version: Simply unlock and beat the Main Mission Into the Unknown and Starfield will get much cooler. You’ll need to play through these missions first:

If you want to see the full misison list, head over to our Walkthrough. It will take about 4 or 5 hours of straight gameplay to get to Into the Unknown. OK now let’s get into the why for people who have already done this and want to know just what the heck we are talking about, or for people who don’t care about spoilers.


Final spoiler warning!

OK: Powers. You’ll want to know how to get Powers as soon as possible in Starfield, as Powers add abilities that damage or disable powerful enemies (Gravity Wave, Parallel Self), add greatly to your defense (Reactive Shield), help collect resources instantly (Elemental Pull), make getting around easier while encumbered (Personal Atmosphere), and much more.

For more on Powers, including what they all do and how to unlock all of them, check out our guide here:

And if are playing on PC you want to skip all of this, keep reading…

How to Activate Powers with Cheats

Note: This only works on PC. To enter cheats and console commands in Starfield, you must first access the command console. To do so, press the Tidle (~) key while in-game or when using the menu system. The command console will now appear, and you can enter codes.

To unlock all Powers, enter the following cheat code in the console:

* psb

Check out our complete Starfield cheat list and console commands here.

<div class=”gh-blue-box”>Please be warned: using certain commands will disable achievements.</div>

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