Xos, Inc wins state contract in California to provide electric stepvans By Investing.com

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On Tuesday, Xos Inc (NASDAQ:), a company specializing in fleet services and electric vehicle manufacturing, revealed that it has secured a vendor contract with the State of California. This agreement authorizes California state and local authorities to conveniently acquire electric step vans from Xos through an efficient state procurement process.

“We are proud to have been competitively selected to sell our vehicles to CA state and local agencies,” said Xos VP of Business Development, Jose Castaneda.

State and local agencies in California can now take advantage of exclusive discounted pricing offered by the state for Xos step vans. Agencies opting for a step van through this contract also have the option to acquire chargers directly from Xos, facilitating the acceleration of their fleet electrification efforts.

“We are committed to providing sustainable solutions for California agencies and helping the state provide their world class services in a sustainable manner that continues their proud tradition of serving the best interest of California residents.” Castaneda added.

Shares of XOS are up 10.89% in afternoon trading Tuesday.

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