Where to Stream TV for Free Online in 2023

In the exponentially stimulating culture of media production and consumption that we live in, TV shows have become close to impossible to keep up with. It seems that everyone and their mother has a show suggestion to offer any unexpecting individual. Assuming that one could feasibly keep up with all of the most popular and talked about series in the world, they are all scattered throughout the various streaming services available today, making it difficult and potentially expensive to do so. That is why we’ve accumulated a list of the best sites to watch TV series for free.

If you’re looking for a site or app that will allow you to watch episodes of something without costing a dime, these are your best free TV streaming options in 2023. You can also check out our list of free movie streaming sites.

The Roku Channel

Getting its start as a small, material add-on for one’s home TV, The Roku Channel is a product of competition between multiple streaming services. While Roku does support the use of rival streaming services, it provides free access to some well-known series as well as some well-rated original shows. As with most options on this list, Roku does contain ads while viewing in order to deliver that free content right to your living room.


One of the more unique additions to this list of streaming options, PlutoTV acts as less of a streaming service than an online cable TV guide. Even without creating an account, anyone can go to the site and start watching live TV straight from their computer. A huge difference between watching TV the old school way and PlutoTV is that on PlutoTV, you can choose to start the program you are watching from the very beginning. As this is the closest relative to watching cable TV, there are definitely ads as if one was watching cable TV.

Tubi TV

Good news for fans of some older, classic TV shows, Tubi TV allows viewers to watch select seasons of shows like Bewitched, Tom and Jerry, The Flintstones, Gilligan’s Island, and more. As one of the most popular and well-known free streaming services, Tubi can be found already available on most smart devices. Due to its popularity, it has gained quite a few beloved shows and movies that put it a step above the others.


Acting as Amazon’s selection of absolutely free streaming movies and TV, the selection of available shows for free are expectedly of a slightly higher quality and demand. With shows such as Schitt’s Creek, Blue Mountain State, Top Gear, Taxi, and The DIck Van Dyke Show, options are a bit more varied than the average free streaming site. While there are some quality shows to find for free here, viewers will still have to create an Amazon account before watching Freevee.


For the avid anime fans out there, Crunchyroll is the site to check out right away. With all the anime one can imagine to be available, all one has to do is go to the website, endure a minute or two of ads, and begin streaming your new favorite anime absolutely free. Available on the site is a 14-day free trial that lets you watch certain seasons of select shows–with ads–without creating an account.

You can check out our list of the best anime streaming sites for more info.


The free streaming platform from Fandango, Vudu grants viewers access to a variety of shows for free upon account creation. Since it is linked to Peacock, it will often try to navigate users to create a Peacock account and sign up for a premium membership. Luckily, it is very easy to find all of the shows that are actually free–with ads–with a quick check of the box “Free TV only”.


A service that has attempted to keep up with the paid streaming services for the last two decades, YouTube has increased their catalog to include a large amount of free and premium content. While its selection of movies is a bit more diverse, the shows available are still bound to catch some attention from unwary scrollers.


Standing out as one of the easier platforms to navigate, XumoPlay is a site that grants immediate access to multiple shows for free. Featuring shows and series that are more similar to something one might watch on the discovery channel, this site is for lovers of documentary, research, and reality TV shows. No account creation is required to start streaming–with ads–right away.


An international, free streaming platform and app, Crackle has access to shows from around the world as well as some acclaimed, original series that are worth checking out. A site that is designed for absolutely free content, most–if not all–shows on the platform are free to watch as soon as you arrive. A great thing about this site is its ease of navigation: it makes it incredibly easy to find shows of all kinds and one can even filter by genre.

Plex TV

Somewhat like Pluto TV, Plex TV takes on the format of a TV guide screen for navigation. Prioritizing favorite channels and providers, one is able to find shows easily based on what channel they originally aired. What separated Plex TV is its additional ability to search through available shows to watch on demand, making it a tasteful combination of abilities that are typically one or the other on other free streaming platforms.

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