Sean McVay not anticipating missing game for son’s birth

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. — Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay said barring “unforeseen” circumstances, he will not miss a game for the birth of his son.

McVay’s wife, Veronika, is due later this month with a baby boy.

On Friday, McVay said if his son “comes during a game” he “won’t be at the game.” But on Monday, McVay joked, “My son knows better than to come during the game.”

The Rams (3-3) will face the Pittsburgh Steelers at home on Sunday.

McVay said Wednesday that he “didn’t want to get too specific with all the planning, but unless something goes totally unforeseen, everything’s on track for what the planning and all that kind of stuff was.”

“Everything is kind of on schedule for what we had planned and do not see that interfering with anything as it relates football-wise,” McVay said.

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