Crazy Drops on Consoles, VR Headsets, and With Game Bundles, Plus a Haul of AAAs Halved!

Thank your own personal deity—possibly Yim Lau Wong—it's (almost Black) Friday. I couldn't tell you why, but the onslaught of said sales period has hit much earlier than anticipated today. We are awash with bargains, friend. Stake your claim on some ridiculously cheap stuff before it's gone, and have a wonderful weekend.

This Day in Gaming

Aussie birthdays for notable games and hardware

Final Fantasy VII (PS) 1997. Remake

Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (N64) 2000.

Mario Kart DS (DS) 2005. Sequel

Yoshi's Island DS (DS) 2006.

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Nice Savings for Nintendo Switch

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Purchase Cheaply for PC

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Exciting Bargains for Xbox

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Pure Scores for PlayStation

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Adam Mathew is our Aussie deals wrangler. He plays practically everything, often on YouTube.

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