Johns Lyng Group CEO compensation aligns with industry as AGM approaches

SYDNEY – Johns Lyng Group Limited, an Australian construction company with a market capitalization of AU$1.7 billion, is gearing up for its Annual General Meeting (AGM) scheduled for November 22. At this meeting, shareholders will review the company’s financial results, discuss future strategies, and vote on executive remuneration.

The spotlight is on CEO Scott Didier’s compensation package, which includes a salary of AU$470.5k and totals AU$1.7 million for the year ending June 2023. This figure represents a 26% hike from the previous year but remains in line with the median CEO compensation within the Australian Construction industry. Notably, only 28% of Didier’s total pay is salary-based, with the substantial remainder tied to performance incentives.

Johns Lyng Group has shown impressive growth metrics that may justify Didier’s remuneration structure. Over the past three years, the company reported a 33% increase in earnings per share (EPS) and provided shareholders with a robust total return of 116%. In the last year alone, the firm achieved a significant revenue increase of 43%.

Didier’s stake in the company is also substantial, owning AU$6.4 million worth of shares. The composition of his pay package suggests a strong emphasis on aligning leadership incentives with shareholder interests.

As shareholders prepare to cast their votes at the upcoming AGM, they are presented with a company that has demonstrated solid growth and investment returns. Yet, investors are advised to stay informed of any potential warning signs that could affect Johns Lyng Group’s future performance.

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