DualSense Controllers Have Gotten a Huge Discount for Black Friday

DualSense Controllers have once again dropped to its sale price of $49 (see here), a reasonable $20-$25 discount depending on which color variant you choose. This is available at most major retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, and PS Direct. Just below you can find all the information you need about the DualSense offer and reasons why you should consider taking advantage of these Black Friday PlayStation deals.

Remember to also check in with us at @IGNDeals on Twitter/X where we will be providing play-by-play updates for Black Friday throughout the whole of November. More PlayStation deals have also gone live this weekend, with up to 30% off PS Plus, and a whole slew of first and third party PS5 games now on sale.

DualSense Controllers Are Down to $49 (Save Up to $25)

DualSense Controller - Cobalt Blue

Early Black Friday Deal

DualSense Controller – Cobalt Blue

DualSense Controller - Volcanic Red

Early Black Friday Deal

DualSense Controller – Volcanic Red

DualSense Controller - Midnight Black

Early Black Friday Deal

DualSense Controller – Midnight Black

DualSense Controller - Galactic Purple

Early Black Friday Deal

DualSense Controller – Galactic Purple

Opting for controllers like the Volcanic Red, Cobalt Blue, Galactic Purple or Gray Camo is your best bet as these are some of the most popular, tend to sell out during sale events, and cost the most at $74.99 MSRP — so buying at this at the $49 Black Friday offer will maximize your savings. $49-$50 is the standard discount price we’ve been seeing for the PlayStation gamepad, and well worth considering over the holiday season, or as a potential gift for the PlayStation fan in your life.

Should You Shop Black Friday Deals Right Now?

Black Friday has become something of a misnomer over the past few years and typically spans the whole of November rather than just the traditional day after Thanksgiving. Deals begin to crop up early these days, and that can leave many of us wondering whether or not these offers are actually worth taking advantage of — or whether it’s best to actually wait until Black Friday itself.

For these PlayStation deals, we highly recommend taking advantage of them right now. The DualSense controllers are currently available at their lowest price of $49, which has consistently been the discount price since Black Friday last year and also during the PlayStation Days of Play sales in 2023.

This also is the first time we’re seeing the new Cobalt Blue and Volcanic Red DualSense color variants go on sale, and as we mentioned, these could sell out by the time we get totradtional Black Friday (November 24). So, for now, go nuts with these latest PS5 discounts and relish in the fact that you’ve scored a real Black Friday deal.

Spider-Man 2 PS5 Slim Bundle Now Available, Includes Free Game

PS5 Spider-Man 2 Bundle (Slim Model)

Early Black Friday Deal

PS5 Spider-Man 2 Bundle (Slim Model)

1TB SSD Storage and Spider-Man 2 for free.

Sony has whipped up a slim version of the PS5 console, but it’s been selling out almost as fast as the listings go up at online retailers (see here at Amazon where stock is now available). Stock levels have been a little uneasy with these so far, so stay tuned if you aren’t successful on the Spider-Man 2 bundle this time (otherwise check out the new Call of Duty PS5 slim bundle instead).

Robert Anderson is a deals expert and Commerce Editor for IGN. You can follow him @robertliam21 on Twitter.

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