Keysight Technologies commits to net zero emissions by 2040

SANTA ROSA – Keysight Technologies (NYSE:), a prominent player in the , has made a significant stride in addressing climate change impacts on its business by releasing its inaugural Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) Report today. This comprehensive document outlines the company’s financial risks associated with climate change and presents a detailed roadmap for mitigating these risks in line with TCFD recommendations, which range from governance to specific target setting.

In a move that underscores its dedication to environmental transparency and investor confidence, Keysight has set forth an ambitious goal to achieve carbon neutrality by the end of fiscal year 2040. The report not only signifies the company’s commitment to sustainable practices but also highlights its role as a key contributor to global innovation, especially through its advanced emulation technologies that are crucial for industries such as communications.

Jason Kary, speaking on behalf of Keysight Technologies, emphasized the importance of transparent reporting of environmental risks. He stated that such clarity is essential for providing assurance to investors and for complying with the standards set by the Financial Stability Board’s TCFD. By adhering to these rigorous guidelines, Keysight aims to maintain its market leadership while fostering trust among stakeholders through clear communication about both physical and transition risks due to climate change.

The TCFD Report includes an extensive scenario analysis that forecasts various climate risks linked to different projections of global warming. This analysis is part of Keysight’s science-based approach to setting immediate targets for progressive achievements in reducing emissions.

Keysight’s initiative reflects a growing trend among corporations to integrate climate considerations into their strategic planning and financial reporting. By adopting TCFD mandates and striving for net zero emissions within the next two decades, Keysight Technologies positions itself at the forefront of sustainable business practices within the technology sector.

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