PS5 Drops to Just £379 in the UK for Black Friday

Well, here we are again. On your marks…get set…oh you’ve already gone. Yes Black Friday may be an entire week away but we’ve all been scrambled to action stations here early this year because the deals have already begun rolling in. Of course, when the big day comes, a lot of you are going to looking for deals on consoles, so we thought we’d bring you one early.

There are a handful of slapping bundle deals on PS5 right now that are definitely worth checking out. If you just want the console, you can grab it for as little as £379 from EE and that price is live from today so don’t miss it. We’ve also got the lowdown on all the latest bundle deals that are starting to go live as Black Friday draws near.

Get a PlayStation 5 for £379 This Black Friday

Sony PlayStation 5 Disc Drive Console

You should know this by now but if you don’t then allow me to remind you; there is absolutely no better time to snap up a brand new console than Black Friday. Hell, we’re a week out and the price of a PS5 has already gone down £100. This deal doesn’t include any games, so if you’re looking for some juicy bundle deals then you’ll need to take a little peak down below this here.

PS5 Console Plus Spiderman and One Other Game for £399.99

Know what’s better than a bundle deal for a PS5 and one game? A bundle deal for a PS5 and TWO games. If you’re really wanting to catch the best Black Friday Playstation deal this year then this is the one. You’ll get Spiderman or EA FC 24 included in the bundle, and then you can take your pick from games like TLOU Part I, Dead Space, and LEGO Star Wars to add to the bundle for free.

While you only get one game included with the House of Fraser bundle, the purchase does qualify for a £50 HOF voucher that you can get to spend on future transactions. If you spend over £250 on anything at HOF between now and 29th November then you’ll qualify for the £50 voucher.

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