Should You Buy or Wait on These PS5 Video Game Deals for Black Friday?

PS5 Black Friday deals are in full swing, and we’ve already seen siginificant deals on PS5 slim bundles, 30% off PS Plus, DualSense controllers for just $49, and now we’re starting to see discounts on first and third party PS5 video games. Some of these discounts are great and likely the best we’re going to get, and others are good — but will likely be surpassed by Black Friday next week (November 24). Read on to find out what deals get our seal of approval, and what offers you should wait on.

God of War Ragnarok on PS5 for $34.99 – Buy

One of the standout games from 2022 was God of War Ragnarok. If you haven’t played this game yet, then you’re missing out — it’s truely incredible. We expected this title to pop up among the deals for Black Friday this year, and we’re just very excited that the 50% discount has gone live so early. Pick up your copy in the next week for the crazy price of $35. Walmart will have this for $40 next week, but we imagine that’ll be price matched before then.

God of War Ragnarok - PlayStation 5

Black Friday Deal

God of War Ragnarok – PlayStation 5

Star Wars Jedi Survivor for $34.99 – Hold

While $34.99 is still a very good deal for one of the best Star Wars games ever made, $34.99 is not the best deal we will be getting on the sequel to Fallen Order. From November 22, Walmart will have Star Wars Jedi Survivor for just $30, which is a whole $4.99 less than every other retailer right now. So, if you have the patience, hold on that order and wait for the bigger and better Black Friday sales next week. If you simply want the game now, we’ll leave a link just below as well.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor (PS5)
Star Wars Jedi Survivor (PS5)

Final Fantasy 16 on PS5 for $39.99 – Buy

You can pick up 2023’s entry into the Final Fantasy saga for just $39.99, that’s a fantastic 43% off in Amazon’s Black Friday sale. If you’ve yet to play this game, then you should move fast to snap it up. We gave it a 9 back in June when it first came out, and we stick by that rating still. The 16th installment in the franchise is a little bit of a departure from what FF would usually expect from the series, but it’s absolutely worth playing. As far as we’re aware, this is the best deal we’re going to get on Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy XVI - PlayStation 5
Final Fantasy XVI - PlayStation 5

Resident Evil 4 for $39.99 – Hold

In all honesty $40 for a Game of the Year contender is a great deal, it’s just not the best deal we’re going to get throughout Black Friday. Next week Resident Evil 4 will drop to just $30 at Walmart, and you can get early access to that deal if you’re a Walmart+ member.

Resident Evil 4 (PS5)
Resident Evil 4 (PS5)

Assassin’s Creed Mirage on PS5/ Xbox for $39.99 – Buy

You get a choice between consoles for this one, as Assassin’s Creed Mirage has dropped to just $39.99 in the early Black Friday sales across most retailers. This is the best deal we’re getting on AC, with Walmart not dropping it any further when their deals go live on November 22.

Assassin's Creed Mirage
Assassin's Creed Mirage Deluxe Edition

The Last of Us Part 1 for $39.99 – Buy

Let’s be honest, this is probably the price it should’ve been in the first place, rather than a whole — checks notes — $70? Well, at least it’s come down quite heavily in price now to $39.99. If you were hoping for any further discounts, you’re out of luck as this is the best we’re getting. Still, we think this is quite a good deal for the perfect version of one of the best games ever made.

The Last of Us Part I (PS5)

Street Fighter 6 for $39.99 – Hold

Another good deal, but another hold for now. Just like its Capcom brother RE4, Street Fighter 6 is down to $39.99 at most retailers right now, but will fall to just $30 at Walmart when their proper Black Friday deals kicks off on November 22. So, for now, be patient and you can get an even better deal. Or, just ignore us and buy it now anyway cause you’re bored and want a game to play ASAP.

Street Fighter 6 (PS5)
Street Fighter 6 (PS5)

Metal Gear Solid – Master Collection Vol. 1 for $39.99 – Buy

Here’s another one where you get to go, hey it should’ve been that price in the first place! Well, we’ll let you have your fun. The MGS collection isn’t something to write home about, but it’s the best way to play the classic games on modern consoles right now, and it does come with a lot of content. So, at $39.99, you’re getting a reasonable deal here. It’s not getting any cheaper, either, so this is the best deal you’re going to get.

 Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Vol.1 (PS5)

Black Friday Deal

Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Vol.1 (PS5)

Robert Anderson is a deals expert and Commerce Editor for IGN. You can follow him @robertliam21 on Twitter.

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